Solita är ett nordiskt konsultbolag med ca 750 experter inom digital transformation och över 20 års erfarenhet inom data och informationshantering. Solitas tjänster sträcker sig från strategisk konsultverksamhet till servicedesign, data engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning och underhåll av molntjänster. Vi på Solita jobbar som konsulter och stödjer våra kunder genom digital transformation och hjälper att både definiera, utveckla och produktions sätta lösningar som tar våra kunder mot data drivna affärer.


Interplay of creating, delivering and capturing value
– inspiration from Solita and action in location data from Telia

Transformative ambitions with incremental outcomes. Quite a bold thought but a reality too often. In this talk Mikko from Solita will share learnings and patterns they’re seeing with their customers. He will share some tasty struggles and insights on how to build the bridges between vision and reality with/from data. In the second half of this talk Marcus from Telia’s Division X will let you in on how Telia is unlocking the power of location data derived from Telia Company’s network into actionable insights. With examples on how city planning and public transport can work with these kind of insights, he’ll let you see the silver lining of using this aggregated mobility data known as Crowd Insights.

Solita: Mikko Väätäinen

Telia: Marcus Velin


Marcus Velin, Commercial Product Manager for Crowd Insights, Telia Company

Marcus Velin, Commercial Product Manager for Crowd Insights, Telia Company

Mikko Väätäinen Business Designer / Coach/ President of Playgound Solita

Mikko Väätäinen, Business Designer / Coach/ President of Playgound, Solita

Mikko is a professional facilitator of innovation and also creative designer himself. He works with industry leading companies with their new business ventures and innovation capabilities building.

Mikko has coached several big corporations and helped them the grow their innovation muscles, launch new ventures and setup structures for exploration. He has also worked in leading roles in several data-driven transformation initiatives in different industries and projects combining data & design. At Solita Mikko is responsible for accelerating our own innovation culture as President of Playground.