Ultinous is developing groundbreaking AI technology capable of generating unseen analytics, metrics and real-time, predictive alerts from live video feeds. Using state-of-the-art facial recognition and tracking, the Ultinous Platform has multiple applications in different industries such as retail, security and online services.



Using live video streams to collect and structure data for business value; Insights from use cases by Ultinous

Although it is far to be called as mainstream, AI is getting operationally integrated into more and more industries and technologies. Utilising the latest development in camera technology and computing efficiency, video analytics become one of the fastest developing areas of machine learning. We will introduce how we extract information from live video streams using facial, head and upper body recognition and re-identification and how we structure and present the information. Along with the technical background, we will showcase some real-life use cases from Grocery chains to Airports.



Carl-Gustav Mattson, CEO Ultinous

György Balogh_CTO

György Balogh, CTO Ultinous